25 March 2011

lunar new year - bunny mask? - not quite, but what the hell

there are so many workshops, events, parades and processions, bake outs and cook in's and apparently, if one is not absolutely religious about keeping one's blog up to date, then nobody reads it. 

well,....but i wanted to share the mask i made for the lunar new year (yes 2 months ago) procession from victory square to sun yat sen gardens, but slept in.  my bed, not the garden

i added many layers of that bandage plaster stuff, covered the eye and mouth holes (cake hole) (who remembers jo something, english comedian who did through my cake hole - hilariously beautiful woman).  and then used the smallest bits from the grab bag of lovely fabrics sharon kallis gave me. it needs to be mounted, which will happen some time this year:)

happy spring,

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Anonymous said...

Now there's a project - a Garden sleep in!

Always wonderful to see you post - until next time.