13 March 2012

collage workshop at baron gallery

saturday was a fun day for me.  i went for a collage workshop at baron gallery in gastown.  
me working away
the exhibit on the main floor - paintings by automatist pierre gauvreau i fell in love with.
didn't see the work of painter/photographer janine carreau up the stairs; will return soon.

group shot

 the workshops paired people to work on medium large sheets of paper; the work was done to music and we then moved clockwise to the next sheet of paper. the materials used were mainly recycled and left overs - right up with chindi philosophy. 
media coordinator, farai, and the facilitators were friendly, the music varied and host rosemary, who owns the gallery is a warm and gracious person.
there was talk about having another session and chindi is definitely going.  maybe some of you would enjoy it also.  you can contact the gallery on their website, address above.
i will definitely attend any other workshops at baron gallery.
ciao sweet things,


Anonymous said...

Karenza, i love to see you surrounded by colors and fabrics,,, Kisses, Elena... Nice work that day!!

Jacqui said...

You are an artist! I'm honoured to know you!