16 October 2014

the kindness of the women who donate to chindi workshops

the kindness of the women who have recently donated to chindi nation workshops and clinics shall go down in the history of the downtown eastside.

lookit, this is a sample of the beautiful, gorgeous, amazing astounding cloth donated by a woman whom i know only through the stall she has at the powell street festival.  

how these fabrics got to us is a story in itself. 

muriel, the woman who has donated these cloths had a conversation with her friend, kathy, and said she wanted to unload some of her collection.  kathy mentioned this to kazuho.  kazuho asked me if i wanted fabrics and gleefully i said, yes, yes, yes, please.  of course, the sequence of events is guessing by me, but the conduit of muriel-kathy-kazuho-chindi nation-sewing group stands.

arrangements were made and on two occasions in the summer, kathy arrived with boxes and bags of lovely cloth, and these are only a small portion of the gift we received.

after discussion with some members of the sewing group that meet at carnegie centre (anne, denise, louise, ruth) we decided to make ourselves (yes, i am including myself in this largesse) smashing outfits.  do they still use that expression?  

the fabric that is left over will be then used by the carnegie girl band to make themselves some glittery wear (vests perhaps, and headbands) and the balance will then find it’s way to the thursday sewing group, open to all, for use.

this is only one woman, or chain of women, who have donated fabric and quality clothing for up and re cycling.
the others are, alphabetically:

anne d,
jane k,
maggie rose m via ruth mcg
wen zhu
whom we gratefully thank, and will feature when we decide what we are going to do with their largesse

what do you think?  is this a good allocation of this wealth?


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