14 April 2015


l to r - amy, shelley,
anne k.

the first of the new form of chindi sewing circles.

it was kind of harrowing for me, being the first completely self-motivated session.  and so happy to have input of the women about the structuring of the circle, and how to communicate this.

wen zhu
my friend wen zhu, the master seamstress of our group,  did not want to receive an honorarium for the first thursdays "we will all just help each other" she said. 

and, my dear friend anne, suggested having the guidelines written out; sterling idea.   and i thought to get it translated into mandarin/cantonese script.
anne & laura

new member amy
anne brought some fabric to make a cushion cover, laura made the wonderful bag you can see, and amy made a tablecloth.  ruth worked on a nightie; and i continued embellishing my african print tunic.

next session, thursday, 16 april 2015, at carnegie center.  2:30 to 5:30.  bring your ideas, we have the materials and supplies.

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