26 July 2010

Style using Remnants and Reclaimed materials

If a picture paints a thousand words?

Or, do I have that saying wrong? 

The first person to confirm or correct this will get a handmade canvas lunch bag from me.  The only catch is you need to be living in the Greater Vancouver Regional District.  What a mouthful.

I think that the way that I will organize this blog is to have a "Gallery", where all my work will be displayed in categories, like "Bags & Pochettes", "Soft Jewelery", "Wall Hangings", etc.  Then there will be a brief description of materials, methods and tools used, as well as how I got the materials, (donation, free box, remnant bin at DressSew).  

Hopefully these will trigger a desire in you to make something yourself.  And we can exchange news and views, comments, ideas, etc., etc.  Or, again, if you are in the GVRD area, and wish to purchase something, you can contact me on this blog, and we can arrange a meet.  Each item will be marked, "Sold", "Given to Jane as birthday gift", "Donated to APC for fundraiser." 

There will also be pages for projects that I am currently working on, with updates of each step, and again, comments and suggestions, exchanging ideas will be most welcome. 

Also, from now on, please expect to see no capital letters in my posts; you feel free to use them - it is a usage i do not wish to support. 


jennarichards said...

"If a picture paints a thousand words then why cant I paint you"
-1970's band "bread"

What a beautiful site!! you've done a great job i cant wait to keep reading :)

karenza t. wall said...

jane replied saying there was no if, the quote was "a picture paints a thousand words" - too true, but jenna's quote was also valid so the lunch bag goes to jenna