29 July 2010

welcome to my studio/work space

fabric storage
welcome to my studio/work space.

it is rather messy right now because i am putting away unused materials from an art exhibit, "a journey", which is running until the end of august in the carnegie community centre art gallery at main & hastings.

there are 4 women besides myself who are exhibiting and the variety of approaches is, oh please, i so don't want to use this word, but, but........ ok interesting.

embellishment storage

this is where i keep all my notions, threads, laces, all the fun stuff.

 this is the shelving where all my tools and supplies are stored.  knives, brushes, pencils, erasers, glues, silkscreening and block printing tools, all kinds of fun stuff that we love to play with
and this is where we connect with eachother.  so,
my work space(s)

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