13 August 2010

pillow cases made from remnant donations

so, i needed new pillowcases; the cheap ($2 C @ army & navy on cordova street, poly cotton mix) cases get those little fabric pills after washing - urrrgh.

my dear friend vicki mcculloch has been my largest donator of various textile related items, and thanks to her generosity, i have/had some lovely pieces of cotton fabric.

i've had them for at least 3 to 5 years - and not having enough money to purchase the cases i would like to have (and anyway they are way to expensive), combined with a sudden eureka moment, i remembered that in india, land of my birth, a lot of people made their own pillowcases out of fabric chindi (rags, fabric scraps).

isn't it wonderful when these moments arrive?  so, i measured, plotted, cut and sewed.  and i am so proud of my lovely, lovely pillows that i thought to share them with you.

even my cats love their new pillow case covers. 

adios for now

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