29 September 2010

busy busy busy

i have not been able to post for too long, and am missing doing this.  
there are a whole lot of exciting projects going on in the downtown eastside, vancouver, and it has been difficult to choose which i want to join because of course, i want to do everything.  

so i have narrowed it down to the grey to green project,grey to green project, downtown eastside vancouver, and two projects for the heart of the city festivalheart of city festival, downtown eastside vancouver, also in the downtown eastside of vancouver, a paint/textile wall hanging, for which i am co-facilitator, and my favourite, the heart of the city storytelling circle, which is facilitated by me,  as well as a new addition to the festival, the digital story workshop being given by colin ford of urban sherpa films, downtown eastside vancouver.

colin tutored me for the first digital story i made, and you can see "isolation and alone" "isolation and alone"on the homeless nation site, another downtown eastside vancouver group.

all of these sites are chock full of information about what's happening in our hood, the third world village of the downtown eastside vancouver.

adios for now

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