16 October 2010

happenings in downtown eastside

i have been away too long, and am wondering what my status is on google.  chindi design was top of the page.  oh well.

but, i have been working hard on a number of different projects.  the heart of the city festival is starting up with pre-event activities and workshops.  i am co-facilitating a workshop at ewma, as well as facilitating the story circle at the aboriginal front door, and co-facilitating with colin ford of urban sherpa films, the digital story workshop that will follow, but before that, there is the digital story show at the carnegie learning center. check out the festival program online, there are any number of cultural events to satisfy all tastes. 

in the meantime i have been working on getting a "gallery" ready for this blog, wanting to put all my work on at once; on thinking a while i think it would be better to do it in segments.

it's 4:30 am, saturday 16 october 2010, and my pixie cat wants to go for a walk, so namaste to all of you out there.

king pixie

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