30 December 2010

rona's origami peace crane

haven't been doing much with this blog - past 2 months - supposed to be eons in blogland. 

anyway thought i would share this digital story i made.

peace and prosperity to you and yours,


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful speaking voice,
thoughtful work,

Vicki said...

Karenza, what a lovely little piece -- so respectful of Rona. It was quite fascinating to have the focus just on her hands -- and I could see the ends of her long hair at times. The music was a good choice; it enhanced the sense of moving forward. I would have liked the volume on your voice a little higher; I had to strain a bit to hear you with ease over the music. But, yes, a gift. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karenza,
Unfortunately, the digital story stopped a short way into it. I suspect this has to do with my lack of server power. Too bad for me.

Anonymous said...

Lovely way to tell a story Karenza, Your voice and the music together were both perfect, and clearly heard done rarely as well by professionals. Hope to see more in the future from you. Colleen C

Anonymous said...

nice...lovely music...I'm impressed, Karenza...

Anonymous said...

Oppp, now it's there:)

Great visual storytelling!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching this video, good job Karenza!

karenza t. wall said...

thank you kindly all,