17 June 2011

salish sun days - 28 may 2011

my dear friend, sandra pronteau, bead jeweller, story teller, community activist, mother, among other things asked me to be part of the salish sun festival 2011.

there was a call out for volunteers, and so i thought to workshop a "making something quick and easy using textile scraps" and came up with small pouches.  
you will not see the faces of people in any workshop by me; this is as a courtesy so they retain their privacy.

the pouches were small, no larger than 3 or 4 inches, and as is usual with chindi design projects, the fabrics were scraps.

cannot remember the names of all of the people who made little pouches, but the age range was from 5 years to 60 years and it was fun.  a sunny day, beautiful music, astounding dancers, coffee, bannock, the wonderful organizers, pat mcsherry and sharon kravitz, the oppenheimer staff, carrie, sandy and others, new friends and old friends.  it was a gaz babee, it was a fun.

setting up

or is it stuart?

ruth's friend
ruth's friend



wren's beautiful red pouch

sarah's pouch

sarah modelling her pouch she is 5 years and  weilds a mean needle

cell phone pouch

completed cell phone pouch


dena's completed pouch, lined, button, and embellished

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! The hands are beautiful as they work the colours and fabrics into pouches.. Maggie :)