18 June 2011

help in choosing an identifying design for chindi nation, chindi revolution project


So, these are two images from textile work done by me in the past.  And why are you receiving these?

Well, slight problem.  Cannot make up my mind which to use as an identifying visual for my chindi nation, chindi revolution work.  

So, wonder if you could help me please.  

Pick the one you like better, and return email to me with your selection.  If you just send it back with the word "woman" or "sun", it will allow me to work with the image most people have selected.

Then, I will probably ask you to make another choice after manipulating (bad word) the image in a very benign manner.

The lure is your name will be entered into a draw, and the item is a block printed black t-shirt, made by my very own arthritic hands, the print, not the t-shirt.  it's a small size, but you could always gift it to somebody.


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