08 July 2011

and the winner is

thank you for replying to my survey.  it was very kind of you, and much appreciated by this lonely old woman, sitting alone in her apartment, trying, trying to reach out and touch someone.  except she hasn't gone on skype and so has nobody to blame but herself.

sorry.  got carried away over there.

so the dancing lady won, hands down.  except karenza couldn't find the original block and had to make another.  tres problematique.  (is that right?).  half the people who were promised cards have received them, and the rest of you, i will do it this weekend.

it was fun doing that, and again, thank for for your replies,

love to you all,

1 comment:

Karen said...

I love your card that you put in my mail box...thank you...looking forward to taking you to the art gallery next month...