08 July 2011

pouches & headband at aboriginal day fair

21st june is aboriginal day in canada.  and as always, well for many years, the downtown eastside of vancouver had a fair in oppenheimer park.

it was a great day to be out in the sunshine, many friends to greet, and a lot of "new" people to meet.  the workshop tables were set up under little tent things.  we call them shamiyanas in hindi.  they have a roof, and no sides.

and the chindi (rags/scraps) always draw people who want to know what is happening.  

forgot to take photographs of everybody, but did get some.  and my friend elsa was there to help, which was a great help.

and the lovely young woman who had attended the wedding ceremony, shared the wild sage that had been distributed to people who were at the wedding.

the nicest thing was at the end of the day, when i finally got my chindi and other materials into the 2 heavy wooden boxes (look wonderful, need strong arms) packed away, and looked up, the wonderful ben, worker at oppenheimer park, and his helpers (don't know their names) had removed all the tables and tent things, chairs put away, clean-up accomplished.  and at no time, at no point did they say or do anything to make me feel rushed.  

for this i truly love them.  and my neighbourhood.  peace and love,

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Jacqui said...

Reminded me of my Mum ... she once made an oval rug (quite large) with strips of her old saris which she & I first pleated. I had forgotten about it till I saw these photos of you working with the 'chindis'. Thanks for bringing back a sweet memory, with your work.