27 September 2011

wearable art not costume, using reclaimed and remants

right now is a very exciting time.  and for me, it is also a healing time.  why?

everybody in the downtown eastside (dtes) knows the heart of the city festival.  a weekend of celebration of fine and applied arts.  music, theatre, art work, workshops.

so, this year, i will be having a wearable art show at W2 cafe, in the new woodwards atrium.  there will be models, food - anglo indian food - and beautiful women, representative of the women of the dtes modelling clothing.

all the clothes are reclaimed garments, or are made from remnants and reclaimed materials.  what i do is surface design the garment using a variety of methods, to come up with original, one-of-a-kind clothing.

my assistant, muriel williams, and i are very busy completing the clothes.  this show is really, literally a dream come true; i have been working on this project for many years.

i am so truly thankful to savannah walling, teresa vandertuin and terry hunter, of heart of the city; and also to my dear friend, irwin oostindie, for agreeing to the show at the W2 atrium cafeteria

it's on thursday 3rd november 2011; i will be posting more often so that you can accompany muriel and myself on this journey.
part of the event will be the raffle drawing for this skirt, which needs the last finishing touches.  tickets are $5, there will be only 30 tickets printed, and only one ticket per person. tickets will go on sale mid-october.

ps. please, if you have a comment, would you mind posting it on this blog.  thank you, ktw

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Anonymous said...

I really liked your exhibit at Carnegie, especially the photos of you and the darned socks. You've made very beautiful things with cloth and embroidery thread...I look forward to seeing what you come up with for W2. (Stephanie L.)