25 October 2011

eco friendly, one of a kind, surface design on reclaimed clothing

what is fashion? what is style? what is eco fashion? style is revolution style is identity, style is exploration, style is accessible, style is cultural, style is individual, style is expression, style is political, style is economical, style is language, style is reclamation, style is social is.

so what is fashion?  is style a separate thing? 

i have been, as you can see, burning the midnight candle at both ends pondering these crucial matters.

W2 media cafe 
i am inviting you to have some fun viewing these ideas/concepts at the "chindi nation, chindi revolution" clothing show and dinner at the W2 cafe (W2 community arts) in the woodward's atrium, 111 west hastings street,

beginning bedouin coat -
 model - jessica
10 models from the downtown eastside will be showing the original, hand worked, surface designs on reclaimed/remnant clothing.  out of the 10, one garment will be made from new fabric.

the show will be followed by an anglo-indian, long table dinner, a fusion of indian and english food, prepared by W2 chef, karen.  price is a sliding scale of $3-$20, a steal.

vest - raffle item
there are three door prizes, and two of the garments will be raffled.  tickets are $5 each, and only 30 tickets are being prepared for each garment, so the odds are pretty high.

the other eight items are available for sale.  cash, debit and charge cards accepted.

it is an honour to be part of the famous heart of the city festival (heart of the city festival). 

check out the two web site address, the downtown eastside is cooking.   ssszzszszszsz.

comments posted on the blog are so welcome.:) ktw

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karenza!
What a great post!
Love the photos - you've given us just a glimpse of what to expect on Thurs Nov 3 - it's going to be a wonderful evening!
Thank you,