14 December 2011

winter workshop - handmade gifts

saved - on the brink of being chucked to become landfill, these sample books were donated to the ewma studio.
(thunder, lightening, eerie noises).....
read on to find out what happens next

knowing that they would be useful, one day, some day............... they have lived in my home studio for well onto almost a year?  more than six months?  whatever

they will now be used on thursday, 15 december in the chindi winter workshop which will is being hosted by ewma, 52/54 east cordova street.
oh right, from 1:30 to 4:30 pm.  coffee and tea by ewma, cake by chindi.  free workshop - i keep forgetting this crucial bit of information.  

and yet some of it gets to landfills....oh well........

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