07 January 2012

crart (craft + art) in a dollar driven world

the only reason i discovered this is because i wanted to watch something while exercising!

thanks to the often reviled national film board of canada.  

textile craft? nah.  just craft/art = crart.

the whole piece is amazing; my favourite bits are the brightly coloured, cheerfully tape things that just bind him up good and tight so the fucker can't move.  

and it reminded me of the actual world outside my window,

the world i live in.  the characters are reminiscent of our community hub, carnegie community centre, located in the heart of the third world village of downtown eastside vancouver.  yay

please, i'd be very interested in knowing what you think/feel about this clip.  please do post on the blog, it gets my google ratings up.

thanks, and a happy winter, or summer, depending upon where you live.  the days are already, almost imperceptibility, getting minutely longer.

cheers and love to all of you who read this.  help make the world go around.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the link to a wonderful animation - wonderful doesn't quite describe it - fabulous? disturbing? inspiring? What a great introduction to a genius of animation filmmaking. Exploring further, Ryan made 2 more films after this piece but died during the making of the 2nd. May an incredible artist rest in piece.
Thanks again Karenza!