18 June 2012

needlework workshops by chindi

without ado, (doesn’t it sound frightfully jane austen?) these are the workshops being given by chindi nation during the summer months.  except for one, they are all in the downtown eastside (rah, rah), and also, except for one, they are free.

but first, what would you like to see chindi nation doing in the way workshops to promote the sustainable use of textiles to make beauty around us.  with tremendous emphasis on enjoyment while making.  please leave a comment in the section at the end of this post.  it will be of tremendous help in designing workshops.  thank you.

last year chindi nations theme was ‘logo – no logo – anti logo’; this year we take another step with a rather longer theme
          ‘use – reuse – don’t use – don’t make’
dancer at 2011 aboriginal days festival

thurs, 21 june 2012 - whatever the weather – making costumes using coloured plastic bags.  part of the aboriginal days festivals at oppenheimer park, with music, dance, and other wonderful activities.  i will start working at 1:30 pm, but the fair begins at some ungodly hour of the am.

mon. 9 july 2012, 6:30 to 9:30 pm– medicine pouch – langara summer school  this is the link to the facebook page for my workshop, but you can go from there to the main page for langara summer school; the theme is sustainability and there are a lot, …….. a lot, of very interesting workshops and discussions.  this workshop has a fee of $25.00. 

sat. 1 september 2012, 1:30 to 4:30– sox box project – oppenheimer park.  again this is the facebook link to the park; a good place to start.  the sox box project is a design workshop, using darning to create a design.  or it can just be a darning workshop where you bring your mending and join in to have a coffee or juice and a chat with neighbours and friends.  kind of like what we used to do; well my grandma and mother definitely did, and people are starting to realize that conspicuous consumption is not the way to live.

fri 28 to sun 30 september 2012 – the ‘whatever the weather’ and the ‘sox box’ workshops will be part of the culture days, a canada wide celebration.  details later.

and, after taking a deep breath, you may be pleased to know that will be having chindi clinic days in the neighbourhood, three fridays of every month, one friday at each location,  oppenheimer park,  carnegie learning center and W2 media cafe.  bring your mending/darning, hang out, exchange news and views.  will be posting this at various places once the details have been finalized. 

hey check out the blog i write for community arts council of vancouver, it is the downtown eastside art blog for cacv.


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