17 September 2012

happenings - past, present, future

there is so much happening in the 'hood, the city, the geographical west coast, the 'north american' land mass, the 'hemisphere' the planet, the galaxy, the universe and beyond.  and i keep thinking of the butterfly flapping it's wings in tokyo and mount st. helen erupting fiercely.  

something like this image posted by my friend vikki, the image is photographed by stephen ellcock. in such beauty we could be destroyed.  

my friend jacqueline's husband of many years died earlier this month; i never knew him - just from facebook pictures.  a good man; he had to be a good man to be married to jacqueline; who is a strong and gentle woman.

and one way or another our time on this planet, the world, this universe......................

but time is a human construct.  'time' is a mathematical, logistical tool, beneficial in some ways and extremely destructive in others.

why this long navel gazing?  was going to write about chindi and all it's works; but the womens housing march was on saturday; it brought out a lot of thinking and feeling within me.  

we keep hearing and knowing the nasty, polluting of body/mind/soul/spirit that is happening - war, famine, plague, tsunami, hurricane, earthquakes; all the diasters - it's so powerfully overwhelming, it totally fucks me up in every which way, coming and going, don't bend over baby cause something is coming at you from behind, and he's only pretending it his cock it's actually a bloody big knife he is going to plunge into you.  metaphorically speaking, that is.

so?  it becomes apparent that politics, economics, religion, counselling, chanting, all the isms and ics we are led to believe,,, right, forgot believe, will fix what is happening if we only wrote one more letter, walked in one more procession, made just one more novena, kill the motherfucking son of a bitch (or daughter of a dick) before he/she/their dog/cat/children/tree/plant/stone/mud puts a real or metaphorical foot onto my property and i'm just going to blow the fucker away - so don't you take away my right to bear arms, build a nuclear bomb in my basement, carry a spear, throw stones at your head, i have the right to protect myself and MINE, and i will so carry on driving my own fucking car that i paid for (well actually brother bank owns it, but who's counting) and if you choke on the spumes well, too fucking bad.

so, i came home, turned on my trusty desktop computer (i am so out of date, no smart phone, no i phone, no android, i pad, i stick, i crap and you pay them to allow you to advertise every time you use the sucker.  so who is the trendy, smart consumer now.  okay, so it gets a number of people's backs up.................................ah what the

i came home, tuned in to uwalltv  and listened to a lot of music, mostly blues.  b b king, lou reed, jj cale, john mayer, buddy guy,  i just put on b b king doing blue boys blues;
and what else is there i can do but live the best life i can, walk my path following one of the rules for time travellers as laid down by isaac asmimov - do not step off your path because you can destroy the local flora fauna in unintentionally extremely harmful ways that will reverberate around the cosmos - that butterfly again.  

we are all time travellers - time - a concept that in reality does not exist.


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