14 October 2012

chindi nation at heart of the city festival, among other wonderful events

so, here we are, another year rolled on by and it is heart of the city festival time again.  this is where the downtown eastside of Vancouver shines with the deep, warm, rich glow of community spirit, a festival of sharing, of celebration, and, not to sound too hokey about it, love.  

okay karenza, stop being mooshy.

so, chindi nation is joining in the opening day festivities by giving a bunting workshop, tucked there, in between the afternoon opening ceremonies, and the evenings extravaganza of entertainment.  

those of you from my hometown, nagpur, will recognize the word bunting.  

i remember making the streamers from crepe paper, cutting and looping and gluing.  the 'glue' was a spoonful of cooked rice.  okay, who remembers that?

and do people from other countries remember using rice this way?

you can check out the events during the festival at during the festival at zis leenk. 

ah, and i have to tell you all about my exciting friday evening.  i went to hear bob dylan and mark knopfler, and i had a seat close to the stage, and it was one of the most pleasurable nights of my life.  stupendous, awesome, though bob's voice did sound a little rough, but, what the hell - it was bob dylan.  and mark knopfler.

nuff said,

please, do reply to my questions.  they are not a rhetorical literary device.  i really do want to know. xoxo

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Yahoooo, be there or be square!
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