19 October 2012

chindi nation - allergic to labels - an exhibit of new work by myself - with wearable eco fashion in there somewhere

sketch for kali
at some point i did say that there would be a revelation of work in progress for this show.  which is part of the heart of the city festival.  and will be held on friday, 2nd november, 2012, at the w2 media cafe, 111 west hastings street, beginning at 9 pm.  at 10 pm there is a divali-eid celebration, which is just fortuitous coincidence.  but then aren't all coincidences fortuitous?  well, maybe not.

starting a tree

this work comes out of many, many years of thought, and action.  it is very personal, my own particular view of the cosmos in which i live.  because we each occupy our own system of being, even though we all occupy the same system of being, which is all illusion anyway.  so what the heck.

making waves
the work consists of three 'image' panels, worked in kantha stitches and applique.  these are accompanied by a number of written word panels that are counterpoint to each other and the images, and all form a canticle for.....................................

these panels, both visual and written word are one piece. the canticle, at present, consists of six cantos.

hopefully the images in this post will excite your curiosity and interest, and you will want to come for this exhibition.  chindi nation, allergic to labels.


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