02 January 2013

so, this is the thing.

for the past year or two i have been making these little booklets and distributing them to whomever.

i tear recycled paper into half, then fold it over, and then write on the blank pieces.

it makes for an interesting
'textural' read because there are all sorts of interesting snippets of information on the side that is not blank.  like so

this particular booklet has some pages from northrup's women's bodies, and a page from a notice from our housing coop.

the clean green recipes are hand written, and personally guaranteed - i use these myself.

well, there is only so many times that one can copy the same bloody thing over, and over, and over again so i have decided to retire this booklet and start another in the series.  this new subject to do with greening your clothing.

in the meanwhile i want to share the information in the clean green booklet with all the people who did not get a hard copy.  so here it is, the e-version of the clean green booklet

the laundry soap is my favourite, it has a lovely smell and is very economical to use.  the drain opener is quick, quick and easy and economical.  and the scrubbing powder?  it works well, but i cannot get too excited about dish washing type things:)

happy 2013 to everybody out there, may there peace and prosperity on our beautiful little blue and white planet.


if you cannot read the print, leave me a message on this blog and i will send you a larger copy by email.

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