08 April 2014

new year.....uh?


new year?  what world is she liviing in?

well,  my personal 'new year' is 31 december, the gregorian calendar 'new year' that obsolete creature, is 1 january,  the lunar 'new year' changes every year depending upon which part of asia you live, the mayan calendar is way over my head since i choose to not work through the various hits on google.  so.

mending and darning clinics have started, check out schedule on 'workshops', i received the small art grant and am busy working on 6 different panels, all in various stages of making, hopefully i haven't screwed up the neighbourhood small grant so we will have the 2nd wimmins dinner & variety show.  

the weather is fine, summer is on it's way, buds are budding, will leave you with this piece of wisdom, by ogden nash

     spring has sprung
     the grass is riz
     i wonder where
     dem flowers iz

keep smiling, 

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