31 May 2013

beginners sewing at carnegie center, 6 sessions, all in all a success

well, the beginners sewing sessions have ended.  i feel kind of sad, but at the same time am experiencing a modicum of totally relief.  i know, a contradiction in terms.  

i think it was a success.  there were 6 people who started from absolute scratch.  had to learn sewing machine parts and how to use them.  i enjoyed watching their skills grow to the point where they each made a simple garment.

check it out here

thank you to face the world foundation for funding this project, to rika uto, program director of carnegie community center for her encouragement, and to the people who joined the lessons as well as the people who stopped to watch and chat.  

short slide show of the sessions, showing off some of the items made; i kept forgetting to take photographs so this is just a few of the things made.

maybe it will encourage you to join when we next have beginners sewing 001.

happy summer,

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