08 November 2014

winter festival decorations at carnegie center

we had our first winter workshop at carnegie community center on thursday 6 november 2014.  and i thought to share some of the images with you.  out there.

tried out a slide show, but new things scare living daylights out, you tube, iphoto, imovie.........

we had great fun, lots and lots of laughs, sharing of information, and acceptance.  thank you to the women who joined in and contributed to the spirit of the workshop.  they are, in alphabetical order,

alana - from toronto


cade's stockings

chris desigining

chris' pouch


kelty's heart

mandy - of toronto

martine visiting

ruth ironing

ruth making tree


savannah's star

cade, chris and a lovely young woman, sara, did not want their photos taken.  i forgot to take a photo of kelty.  and also of teresa v who visited us. 

thanks to lisa who made signs, and hamish who let us into the art room to get our supplies.  and sheila who guided people to where we were.

xo k

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