16 December 2014

the end of another year

so, it's the 'end' of 2014.  i associate with this because my birth date is 30th december, and my own personal cycle begins on the 31st.

it's the time of winter festivals, all having to do with some system of belief, none of which i subscribe to.  none of to which i subscribe? whatever.

this was the invitation to 2008 craft exhibit at carnegie.  the pic was taken on the 2008 holiday lights tour organized by carnegie center.  

but, acknowledging friends and others who do have a belief system attached to this time of the year i wish you happy hanukkah, happy solstice, merry christmas, and happy buying frenzy.  covered everybody?  

anyway, realized that workshops are hard work....just discovered this?  yeah, slow about some things, especially when connected to body awareness.  but, better late than never. so have decided to organize a workshop kit, all ready to go, always near the door so, when the call comes, bob's your uncle (wherever did this come from?  google it, google it, gloo, 99, oops) and away we go.  then will replenish supplies a day or two later, and be all bob's your uncle for the next workshop.

what do you think?  



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