27 February 2015


this is the amazing wen zhu who taught two people to make her awesome ipad case.

and shown below is the bag, outside.......

 and inner pockets - 3 pockets with a divided pocket in the middle.  lined.

made with such artistry..and love and attention to detail.............

this is 'anonymous' starting on her bag....

and lai fong who is making the outer structure of the ipad case.

in the fall of this year wen zhu will give a workshop to teach a larger group to make this bag, which can be used for things other than an ipad case.  i'm definitely going to attend this one.

and, here is the talented deirdre with her yoga mat bag made from sample drape material; with a zipper yet.  and she made it look so simple. the topic for another workshop in the fall.

what say you?  good idea?

the materials for this workshop were donated by women of the eastside and all cloths are reclaimed or remnant materials.  

thank you to carnegie center for providing us with the space and for providing us with notions and small tools.

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