07 March 2015


last summer my friend jane k and i met for brunch at eternal abundance on the drive, (scrumptious buckwheat blueberry pancakes).  after we took a stroll to grandview woodland park and browsed the sidewalk vendors displays.

and there was this beautiful bag which i just had to get for myself.  it was $12, a steal.  

and made in india, which sealed the deal.

on thursday after the chindi nation sewing workshop at carnegie, my friend ruth mcgibbon and i (myself? whatever) went to the cafeteria and she remarked about this beautiful purse.  

ruth said it looked like a laurel burch design, and we looked, and yes, so it is.

ever since i got this it has been my intention to share this piece of art on this blog.  

but first thought to google laurel burch, and kind of weird here people, she was born on the 31st december 1945, only a day later than me.  

unfortunately this beautiful, talented woman died in 2007.  you can see more of her work on google images.

and, i am so going to steal ideas from her.  oscar wilde said, 'good writers borrow, the best writers steal'.  

her work is kind of like mine, or mine like hers, so it's not that great a leap.


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